Our Humans

These are the wonderful people who serve at Promise 23 Ranch Ministries.

C9-19-16Promise23-141Jennifer – Founder, Board Member, Session Leader

Having grown up with horses, I have always known the amazing animal God created them to be.  As an early teen, I made some bad choices and spent a couple years trying to ruin my life.  During that time, horses were the only thing that kept me coming home and kept me grounded to reality.  Horses don’t judge, they don’t tell you how to live your life, they are powerful enough to take your breath away, and gentle enough to capture your tears in their manes.  There is no creature quite like the horse, God made them special.

When I was 16 I became a Christian, which drastically changed the course of my life.  Around 18, I began professionally training horses and spent the next 10+ years training and instructing.  But I often felt God had more planned for me than making money with horses or winning ribbons.  I began to pray for God’s will for my life.  What would He do with the lifetime of knowledge I had accumulated?

In 2013, He began to reveal His plan for me to start a horse ministry and get the horses to the people who need them most.  Shortly after, doors began opening and Promise 23 Ranch Ministries was formed.  God has brought together an amazing team of women to serve in this ministry and I am honored to be ministering beside them.  I am also deeply blessed to walk with the Engedi ladies in their courageous path to freedom and a new life in Christ.

C9-19-16Promise23-146Mary Beth – Board Member, Financial Guru, Session Leader

I have been a lifelong equestrienne, going on my first solo ride (at a full gallop) at the age of three.  Growing up I spent many hours on my pony sharing all my joys and sorrows.  As an adult I realized my dream of owning and operating a boarding stable for many years.  I became a Christian at age 13.

When Jennifer told me of her dream to launch a ministry using horses, I thought “I can help with that!”  And so it began.  That was a in 2013, and since then I have become more and more involved and God has ignited a passion in me to share His love in this very meaningful way.

C9-19-16Promise23-145Vanessa – Board Member, Session Leader, Prayer Covering Team Coordinator, Webmaster

I grew up as a missionary kid in Hong Kong, and met Jesus for myself around age 6. In traveling across much of Asia, encountering great wealth and extreme poverty (most of the time within the same square mile), I learned that people are hurting and broken everywhere. I’ve seen that in the face of the most intense oppression and most unjust situations, the love, grace, forgiveness, and acceptance of Christ breaks down every wall and releases every chain that binds.

I’ve always loved furry-four-legged-creatures. I’ve experienced for myself how animals provide a safe place to engage in a healing process – they never expected me to perform for them but allowed me to just “be”, and offered love and acceptance in return. I started taking riding lessons and joined the Hong Kong Pony Club in middle school. Horses brought joy and developed strength and confidence like nothing else did.

After 10 years in the marketplace where I taught English, music, and horse riding (not all at once!), managed a boarding farm, worked in tech support/customer service, marketing, project management, I moved into full time ministry as worship director at Light of the World Prayer Center. We’ve been praying for the ending of human trafficking in our area for 5 years and specifically pray for the ladies at Engedi Refuge. When I met the team at Promise 23 Ranch Ministries, I saw a dream of my heart realized. It’s a complete joy and privilege to support and serve with Promise 23.

Rochelle – Session LeaderC9-19-16Promise23-140

I am a student. I am forever in awe of the mysteries of love and grace that our Jesus Christ has for us. A student of the mysteries of the horse and his ways, a student of the broken hearted and the compassion that heals, a student of relationships and the power that lies within them.

I’m Rochelle, wife of one wonderful man and mother of four beautiful children. In a nutshell, my life has revolved around living a faith filled life while I tackle the blessed opportunities of homeschooling our kids and teaching the beauty of the horse either in one form or another while in the classroom or in the barn. I am humbled by the opportunity to hold the sacred space of human (broken) heart with the equine (restored) heart and watching the healing unfold between them. For God is Power, and he works through those who seek him.

C9-19-16Promise23-139Allie – Event Coordinator

I have grown up in a Christian home and accepted Christ at a very young age; I have always been involved at my church, but struggled to find an area that I was truly passionate about. I also grew up around horses, and started riding around the age of 4. Horses have always been my go-to for relaxation and as a way to get out into nature and reconnect with God. I have seen them help so many people through some of life’s toughest moments, especially in my own life, and fully believe that God created them in a special and unique way. So when Jennifer approached me about working on the ministry team, I was ecstatic and completely on board. Promise 23 is a true answer to prayer for me. I cannot wait to see how God continues to use this ministry and where He takes us next!

Jodi – Session Leader


Jodi is the newest addition to the Promise 23 team, and we are so excited to have her on board!

“I never imagined that I would some day be involved with this ministry. Our children are grown and I’ve been asking God what’s next. He kept putting people in front of me that told me about this ministry and when a friend told me about Promise 23 Ranch Ministries and I found out I could help survivors of trafficking with horses… how could I not follow His lead of using my passion (horses) in ministry?! Excited to see where he leads me!”

Psalm 31:3 (NIV)
“Since you are my rock and my fortress, for the sake of your name lead and guide me.”

Prayer Covering Team

Prayer covering is absolutely crucial to the ministry at Promise 23.  This team has committed to covering and supporting Promise 23 in prayer.  A special thanks to our intercessors who faithfully pray for us!  Please contact us if you’d like to commit to praying regularly for the team and participants at Promise 23.