Exciting Growth in 2015

Promise 23 continues to grow each year, but this year has been huge! And we are just getting started! When we started out, we had 2 session leaders, 2 horses we were using, a bookkeeper and a Great Big God who had plans for our little ministry!We are very excited to now have 6 trained session leaders (and one more waiting for the next training session), an amazing bookkeeper/financial guru, a 5 member Prayer Covering Team, an IT/Tech genius, and many, many other people who have shown their support through prayers, financial support, asking about the program regularly, and getting involved at work parties, etc. We are SO thankful for every single person who supports Promise 23 however they can.

Last fall, we moved to a new home base for ministry times. We now have the use of a lovely covered arena, which is such a blessing here in the Pacific Northwest! A huge thank you to Ed and Mary Beth Teigrob for generously allowing us to use their facility!

This spring, we will also begin once a month sessions for Engedi mothers who have been reunited with their children and also for Engedi ladies who have graduated Phase 1 and aren’t able to make our regularly scheduled sessions. We are really excited to work with some children and share the horses with them.

Our prayers for a website designer have been answered!!! We are thrilled to have Vanessa Smith join our team as our IT/tech person. She has worked tirelessly to not only get our website up and running, but also to get a newsletter formatted! Vanessa works at the Light of the World Prayer Center as worship director, and has also agreed to be our point person for the Promise 23 Prayer Covering Team. We are thanking God for meeting so many needs with this sweet girl!

Sweet Provision

I am often asked what my favorite part of our ministry is, and I’m always quick to reply, “The smiles!”  New participants can arrive at the ranch nervous, guarded, skeptical, angry, scared or unwilling.  Typically within minutes, (or seconds!) of seeing the horses, defenses are dropped and those radiant smiles show up!Last summer we had a new participant come to the ranch with no experience with horses.  After introducing myself, I asked if she liked horses.  “No!” She said reactively, then, ” I don’t know.”  I assured her there would be no pressure from me, but asked if she would like to enter the arena or stay on the outside and watch the other ladies for a bit.  She said she would prefer to stay out, but when I had to go into the arena, she asked if she could come with me.  Upon entering the arena, she looked over the group of horses tied to the rail, and her eyes locked on a small grey mare named Maya, or more specifically, the long beautiful mane that was Maya’s.  “Can I braid her hair?”  She asked tentatively.  “Of course!”  I responded, and brought her a brush, detangler and little rubber bands.  Within minutes, she had a beautiful braid, had gotten used to Maya’s movements and size.  Half an hour later, she was riding, with the most beautiful smile you have ever seen, and telling everyone in sight, “I love horses!”

Our horses are the key that unlocks hearts and allows us to show Christ’s love to those beautiful, determined ladies.  Happiness begins to pour from them and it is not at all unusual for the session to end with a new participant joyfully hugging all our session leaders while exclaiming, ” I usually don’t hug people, but I’ll hug you!”

As founder of Promise 23 Ranch Ministries, I am so thankful that God has led us to such a fun part of healing.  While the courageous Engedi ladies are digging deep in therapy, uncovering wounds and hurts and putting in hours, days, weeks, and months of transforming their lives, we get to share our horses with them and bring joy.

1 Timothy verse 6 says, “… but to put their hope in God, who richly provides us with everything for our enjoyment…”  I love how our Great God has not only provided these ladies with a safe home, medical care, food, addiction and trafficking treatment and more, but He also longs for their happiness, as any true, loving Daddy would.

Friends, it is pure blessing to be walking in God’s will and sharing our horses with those who need them most.  The Lord made them special, and He has richly provided us with horses for our enjoyment.

~Jennifer Teigrob, Founder, Promise 23 Ranch Ministries